G.E.M.S. is offering a 6-month life coaching program guaranteed to help you move forward and begin to live your very BEST life! Our"Thinking Into Results" transformational program is a program like none other. In this program, you will uncover any old paradigms that have held you back and push you forward into your destiny so that you can start living your very best life. Always remember, the best investment that you will ever make is in "yourself", you deserve it and you are worth it!


In order to take full advantage of this great coaching opportunity, it is essential that you commit to at least 6 months. If you would like to register for this life-changing program, click here.  

To give you more information regarding what to expect, I have provided an overview as well as a few testimonials below.



Coaching can be an incredibly effective tool for you, bringing you to new heights and enabling you to remove any barriers that might be keeping you from moving forward. You will be able to:

1. Set more effective goals that motivate you.  It’s important to distinguish between a want, a need and a “should.”  We will explore these differences, helping you to identify your values and then to actually choose which goals are in alignment with those values.  You will also find that while reasonable, your goals will be bigger, richer, and more exciting to you. 

2. Move forward – professionally and personally.  Once the work is done in discovering your values and strengths, we will work at figuring out how to get to point B from point A.  You will take the steps necessary to move forward. 

3. Establish and maintain better boundaries.  This is so fundamentally important that dozens of books are written on the subject.  When you are able to freely say “yes” and freely say “no,” your life can become your own.  Maintaining boundaries will unleash the best parts of you.

4. Enjoy a better life.  Often our lives are filled with others – parents, siblings, spouses, co-workers, the media – telling us what’s important and how we should live our lives.  When you begin to orient your life around your own values, widening your vision while becoming more focused, your life will, quite simply, get better.  This will happen whether you choose a conventional or an off-the-wall approach because it's your approach.



Since coaching is a unique relationship, with each professional coach bringing his or her own approach, the following is to help you understand how I coach and what you can expect of me.

I provide an environment of discovery.  So much of coaching is about discovery.  This will occur in a variety of ways such as assessments, questions, and venting via telephone. I will facilitate the process so that you can discover your true self and your true wants.

I share what I see.  I intuit, point stuff out and tell the truth as I see it and as I am led. I also help my clients to label events, situations, and problems so they can look at them more objectively.

I ask you what you need or want from me.  In order to be of greatest service, I need to know your needs and wants, including the vision for your life. Understand that my role may shift as your needs shift.  I ask you to tell me when you want a sounding board, to be held accountable, or to brainstorm, for example.

I ask you to do more than you would do on your own.  You have hired me because you want to move forward, even though you may sense some internal resistance.  As an objective person in your life, I am able to see where you can go and I make direct requests that you go there.  Choosing to go there is up to you, and I will hold no attachment to the outcome – ultimately, you know yourself and what you need best.

Your life is yours.  Did you know that you are totally responsible for your own life goals, the speed with which you attain them and how far you stretch yourself? I will support and acknowledge your effort and hard work but will also let you know when I think you can do more.  As your personal coach, you are hiring me to help you move forward, rising to your highest potential, and start living your very best life. I know that you can do it when you are dedicated and willing. I ask you to give yourself at least 5 months to start seeing rewarding results. 

Communication is key. While I might night need all the details, I am very interested in you moving forward, and your information will be helpful to us both. When I hear a funny tone in your voice or notice something amiss, I’ll ask you about it and invite you to take a closer look. These can be the most important moments in a coaching relationship. I will always be open and honest with you and ask you to do the same. So we can uncover any barriers that might be holding you back. 

Our relationship is confidential. While you may feel free to discuss our work together with anyone you deem appropriate, please know that I will not share any of your personal information with anyone else without your permission.


I look forward to you taking advantage of this awesome opportunity to move forward and live your very BEST life! If you would like to receive a free initial consultation, please click here.


With great anticipation,

Tracy Ricks



"I've been in the Word of God for 15 plus years now and have been stuck in a rut the majority of them. I know the Word of God by hearing, reciting, and living it, but just couldn't seem to get a handle on my life. I needed that extra push, that extra encouragement, and motivation. I needed a life coach. It wasn't until I connected with my coach that layers were uncovered and my life changed for the better. I gained boldness and confidence like never before, I stepped out and applied for a job that I always wanted but never applied, because of fear, and I got the job! I made a decision to live a healthy lifestyle that I've always been afraid of, and now I'm doing it with ease. Personal goals in life such as, prioritizing and organization; I'm doing these things now because of a great life coach. I thought I had it all figured out before, I thought I had enough of life experiences to do as I please; but somehow I wasn't moving anywhere. I was angry, frustrated, bitter, and blaming God. Now, I'm moving forward and living my best life." K.F.



"I am so very grateful to have Pastor Tracy Ricks as my personal life coach. She has definitely helped me to uncover some things that have held me back for years. Some things I didn't even realize were hindrances. I can confidently say that now I am moving forward and fulfilling God's vision for my life. I will continue with my coaching to help ensure I stay focused and on the right path."T.H.